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Although many approaches for face recognition have been proposed in the past, none of them can overcome the main problem of lighting, pose and orientation. For a real time face recognition system, these constraints are to be a major challenge which has to be addressed. In this proposed work, a methodology is adopted for improving the robustness of a face(More)
A photovoltaic cell converts the solar energy into the electrical energy by the photovoltaic effect. Solar cells are widely used in terrestrial and space applications. The photovoltaic cells must be operated at their maximum power point. The maximum power point varies with illumination, temperature, radiation dose and other ageing effects. In this paper,(More)
This work presents the comparison of hybrid carrier Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques for the chosen three phase Cascaded Multi Level Inverter (CMLI). In this paper, a CMLI is controlled with Sinusoidal PWM technique with Alternative Phase Opposition and Disposition and Carrier Overlapping (APOD + CO), Alternative Phase Opposition and Disposition and(More)
The present work deals with the application of neuro control theory for the closed loop operation of negative output self-lift Luo converter, which is a newly developed DC-DC converter. Due to the time-varying and switching nature of the power electronic converters, their dynamic behavior becomes highly non-linear. Conventional controllers are incapable of(More)
Mirror-symmetrical double-output voltages are specially required in industrial applications and computer periphery circuits. Double output DC-DC converters can convert the positive input source voltage to positive and negative output voltages by two conversion paths. Because of the effect of parasitic elements, the output voltage and power-transfer(More)
In many pulse width modulated DC/DC converter topologies, the controllable switches are operated in switch mode where they are required to turn the entire load current on and off during each switching cycle. Under these conditions, the switches are subjected to high switching stresses and power losses. Recently there is an increased interest in the use of(More)
The Logarithmic Number System (LNS) [1] has been employed in the design of low-power DSP devices, such as a digital hearing aid by Morley et al. [2]. More recently, Sacha and Irwin report that LNS can reduce power dissipation in adaptive filtering processors [3]. The LNS maps a linear number X to a triplet as follows () X x s z X b LNS log , , =  →  LNS(More)
DC-to-DC converters are widely used in applications such as computer power supplies, car auxiliary power supplies, servomotor drives and medical equipments. Luo converter is a recently developed DC-DC converter. Positive output Luo converter performs the conversion from positive source voltage of one level to positive load voltage of another required level.(More)
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