S. M. Mofijul Islam

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Axon guidance proteins are critical for the correct wiring of the nervous system during development. Several axon guidance cues and their family members have been well characterized. More unidentified axon guidance cues are assumed to participate in the formation of the extremely complex nervous system. We identified a secreted protein, draxin, that shares(More)
Draxin, a recently identified axon guidance protein, is essential for the formation of forebrain commissures, and can mediate repulsion of netrin-stimulated spinal commissural axons. Here, we report that draxin binds multiple netrin receptors: DCC (deleted in colorectal cancer), Neogenin, UNC5s (H1, H2, H3), and DSCAM (Down's syndrome cell adhesion(More)
The hippocampus plays an essential role in learning and memory and is one of the major sites implicated in neural diseases. The proper organization of the hippocampus during development is important for its function. We found that draxin, a repulsive axon guidance cue, was widely expressed in the developing hippocampus and draxin deficient mice possessed a(More)
The mesencephalic V neurons and tectobulbar axons in chick embryo project over long distances that appear during the early development of the chick optic tectum. The mesencephalic V neuron and tectobulbar axonal growth begin at Hamburger and Hamilton stage 14 and stage 18, respectively. Both fibers proceed downward from the dorsal to the ventral side of the(More)
Efficient semiconductor optical emitters in the deep-ultraviolet spectral window are encountering some of the most deep rooted problems of semiconductor physics. In III-Nitride heterostructures, obtaining short-wavelength photon emission requires the use of wide bandgap high Al composition AlGaN active regions. High conductivity electron (n-) and hole (p-)(More)
We demonstrate the excitation of localized surface phonon polaritons in an array of sub-diffraction pucks fabricated in an epitaxial layer of gallium nitride (GaN) on a silicon carbide (SiC) substrate. The array is characterized via polarization-and angle-dependent reflection spectroscopy in the mid-infrared, and coupling to several localized modes is(More)
Generation of the appropriate types, numbers and distribution of neurons during the development of the nervous system requires the careful coordination of proliferation, differentiation, and patterning. In this work, we analyzed the roles of a repulsive axon guidance protein, draxin, on the development of chick spinal cord dI3 interneuron. draxin mRNA(More)
Optimum nitrogen rates and methods of application increase crop productivity and farm income while reducing negative environmental effects. Field experiments were conducted during four consecutive rice growing seasons in 2012–2013 to determine the effects of different N rates and methods of fertilizer application on floodwater ammonium concentration, rice(More)