S. M. Moattar Husseini

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Much of the research on operations scheduling problems has either ignored setup times or assumed that setup times on each machine are independent of the job sequence. This paper deals with the hybrid flow shop scheduling problems in which there are sequence dependent setup times, commonly known as the SDST hybrid flow shops. This type of production system(More)
This paper provides a review of the literature on the trust issue mainly considering organizational level relationships. The review highlights trust evaluation being a multi-layer multi-criteria and often context-dependent process which commonly uses various sources of evidence to judge the trustworthiness of trustees. Trust has been referred to as a major(More)
An Industrial Cluster (IC) is a group of similar and interconnected companies in a particular field located in a geographic concentration to share common resources. The relationship of supply chain management (SCM) and ICs are not sufficiently investigated mathematically so far. In this research, Supply Hub in Industrial Cluster (SHIC) is proposed as a(More)
Crossdocking is a relatively new logistics strategy which can reduce Inventory holding, order picking and transportation costs while speed up the physical flow in the supply chain. The vehicle routing decisions also play an important role in the efficiency of the distribution system. This article addresses the integration problem of crossdocking into the(More)
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