S. M. Mirvakili

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Accelerators have some advantages such as safety and cheaper operating and decommissioning costs for (99)Mo production. Yield theoretical calculation using computational codes can powerfully estimate usefulness of a proposed nuclear reaction for a routine manufacturing. In this work, Monte Carlo-based code was used to compute (99)Mo yield in (232)Th and(More)
99Mo is important for both therapy and imaging purposes. Accelerator and reactor-based procedures are applied to produce it. Newly proton-fission method has been taken in attention by some research centers. In the present work, computationally investigation of the 99Mo yield in different fissionable targets irradiated by proton was aimed. The results showed(More)
The efficient operation and in-core fuel management of PWRs are of utmost importance. In the present work, a core reload optimization using Shuffled Frog Leaping (SFL) algorithm is addressed andmapped on nuclear fuel loading pattern optimization. SFL is one of the latest meta-heuristic optimization algorithms which is used for solving the discrete(More)
Efficient and safe production of molybdenum-99 (99Mo) radiopharmaceutical at Tehran Research Reactor (TRR) via fission of LEU targets is studied. Neutronic calculations are performed to evaluate produced 99Mo activity, core neutronic safety parameters and also the power deposition values in target plates during a 7 days irradiation interval.(More)
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