S. M. Minhaz Ud-Dean

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MOTIVATION We addressed the problem of inferring gene regulatory network (GRN) from gene expression data of knockout (KO) experiments. This inference is known to be underdetermined and the GRN is not identifiable from data. Past studies have shown that suboptimal design of experiments (DOE) contributes significantly to the identifiability issue of(More)
The inference of gene regulatory network (GRN) from gene expression data is an unsolved problem of great importance. This inference has been stated, though not proven, to be underdetermined implying that there could be many equivalent (indistinguishable) solutions. Motivated by this fundamental limitation, we have developed new framework and algorithm,(More)
The inference of gene regulatory networks (GRNs) from transcriptional expression profiles is challenging, predominantly due to its underdetermined nature. One important consequence of underdetermination is the existence of many possible solutions to this inference. Our previously proposed ensemble inference algorithm TRaCE addressed this issue by inferring(More)
Motivation Single cell transcriptional profiling opens up a new avenue in studying the functional role of cell-to-cell variability in physiological processes. The analysis of single cell expression profiles creates new challenges due to the distributive nature of the data and the stochastic dynamics of gene transcription process. The reconstruction of gene(More)
This paper presents theoretical and simulation studies on controlling enzymatic reactions with photoswitchable inhibitors. It is found that the maximum attainable switching ratio (ratio of the steady state rates of product formation in the “on” and the “off” state) of a photoswitchable inhibitor is dependent on its photoswitching factor (ratio of the(More)
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