S. M. Minhaz Ud-Dean

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The inference of gene regulatory network (GRN) from gene expression data is an unsolved problem of great importance. This inference has been stated, though not proven, to be underdetermined implying that there could be many equivalent (indistinguishable) solutions. Motivated by this fundamental limitation, we have developed new framework and algorithm,(More)
MOTIVATION We addressed the problem of inferring gene regulatory network (GRN) from gene expression data of knockout (KO) experiments. This inference is known to be underdetermined and the GRN is not identifiable from data. Past studies have shown that suboptimal design of experiments (DOE) contributes significantly to the identifiability issue of(More)
This theoretical scheme is intended to formulate a potential method for high fidelity synthesis of Nucleic Acid molecules towards a few thousand bases using an enzyme system. Terminal Deoxyribonucleotidyl Transferase, which adds a nucleotide to the 3'OH end of a Nucleic Acid molecule, may be used in combination with a controlled method for nucleotide(More)
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