S. M. Minhaz Ud-Dean

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Seasonal variation of infectious diseases is one of the oldest observations in epidemiology, most particularly for Influenza and other respiratory viral infections. The reason for this seasonality is poorly understood, despite the profound importance of these infections as communicable diseases capable of causing global epidemics. Environmental factors(More)
This theoretical scheme is intended to formulate a potential method for high fidelity synthesis of Nucleic Acid molecules towards a few thousand bases using an enzyme system. Terminal Deoxyribonucleotidyl Transferase, which adds a nucleotide to the 3′OH end of a Nucleic Acid molecule, may be used in combination with a controlled method for nucleotide(More)
This theoretical model predicts that the activity of multiple enzymes may be controlled simultaneously with superior efficiency in nanosized reactors by adjusting pH. Multistep enzymatic processes employed for various purposes including organic biotransformation may require application of multiple reactions and isolation of intermediates. Sequential(More)
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