S. M. Masudur Rahman Al-Arif

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The neck (cervical spine) is a flexible part of the human body and is particularly vulnerable to injury. Patients suspected of cervical spine injuries are often imaged using lateral view radiographs. Incorrect diagnosis based on these images may lead to serious long-term consequences. Our overarching goal is to develop a computer-aided detection system to(More)
Now-a-days efficient energy management has become very crucial. Fossil fuel is exhaustible and its use is discouraged because of its adverse effect on climate change, Nuclear power is also not suitable because of safety and security concerns, on the other hand the use of renewable energy is also not yet feasible for mass production, so we have to find a way(More)
Livelihood and transportation largely depends on the rivers and canals in many countries. The over populated South Asian region is full of such countries. Water is the meaning of life there both positively and negatively; water is the main source of income there, also water is a monster taking thousand of life. Natural disasters like typhoon, storms,(More)
Water is life. There is no denying. But water is also a source of many disasters and dangers. There are a lot of rivers, canals and waterways in South Asian countries. In some cases water transports are the only mode of transportation for movement and trade. Many natural and man-made causes like flood, cyclone, tsunamis, jacking, looting; sometimes, people(More)
In the South Asian region, rivers are the meaning of life. Nearly four thousand years ago people start living there around the delta of Ganges. Still rivers and canals are the main source of food, water, livelihood and also a means of transportation. But water can also make things bitter. In the time of water borne disasters like flood, tsunami; and other(More)
This paper describes an innovative approach for the development of nanorobots that use neural network for medical target identification. The nanorobots operate in a virtual environment with nerve signals carrying nerve impulses. Our work addresses the possible applications of such nanorobots and presenting a control system for their autonomous movement.
Injuries in cervical spine X-ray images are often missed by emergency physicians. Many of these missing injuries cause further complications. Automated analysis of the images has the potential to reduce the chance of missing injuries. Towards this goal, this paper proposes an automatic localization of the spinal column in cervical spine X-ray images. The(More)