S. M. Kamruzzaman

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This research is to search for alternatives to the resolution of complex medical diagnosis where human knowledge should be apprehended in a general fashion. Successful application examples show that human diagnostic capabilities are significantly worse than the neural diagnostic system. This paper describes a modified feedforward neural network constructive(More)
—Throughput maximization is one of the core challenges in cognitive radio ad hoc networks (CRANs), where local spectrum resources are changing over time and locations. This paper proposes a spectrum and energy aware routing (SER) protocol for CRANs, which involves route selection and channel-timeslot assignment jointly. The proposed routing scheme with(More)
This paper proposes a cross-layer based cognitive radio multichannel medium access control (MAC) protocol with TDMA, which integrate the spectrum sensing at physical (PHY) layer and the packet scheduling at MAC layer, for the ad hoc wireless networks. The IEEE 802.11 standard allows for the use of multiple channels available at the PHY layer, but its MAC(More)
This paper presents a TDMA based energy efficient cognitive radio multichannel medium access control (MAC) protocol called ECR-MAC for wireless Ad Hoc Networks. ECR-MAC requires only a single half-duplex radio transceiver on each node that integrates the spectrum sensing at physical (PHY) layer and the packet scheduling at MAC layer. In addition to explicit(More)
The explosive growth in the use of real-time applications on mobile devices has resulted in new challenges to the design of medium access control (MAC) protocols for ad hoc networks. In this paper, we propose an energy efficient cognitive radio (CR) MAC protocol for QoS provisioning, called ECRQ-MAC, which integrates the spectrum sensing at physical (PHY)(More)
Nowadays cell phone is the most common communicating used by mass people. SMS based communication is a cheap and popular communication method. It is human tendency to have the opportunity to write SMS in their mother language. Text input in mother language is more flexible when the alphabets of that language are printed on the keypad. Bangla mobile keypad(More)
Classification is one of the data mining problems receiving enormous attention in the database community. Although artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been successfully applied in a wide range of machine learning applications, they are however often regarded as black boxes, i.e., their predictions cannot be explained. To enhance the explanation of ANNs,(More)
Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been successfully applied to solve a variety of classification and function approximation problems. Although ANNs can generally predict better than decision trees for pattern classification problems, ANNs are often regarded as black boxes since their predictions cannot be explained clearly like those of decision trees.(More)
As the amount of online text increases, the demand for text classification to aid the analysis and management of text is increasing. Text is cheap, but information, in the form of knowing what classes a text belongs to, is expensive. Automatic classification of text can provide this information at low cost, but the classifiers themselves must be built with(More)