S. M. K. Quadri

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s In this paper, a scheme for constructing software reliability growth model based on NonHomogeneous Poisson Process is proposed. Although various testing-effort functions for software reliability growth model based on non-homogeneous Poisson process (NHPP) have been proposed. These software reliability growth models are quite helpful for software(More)
Automatic Document Image Analysis has been a prime field of research in the past few decades. Script Identification is an essential part of automatic document image analysis. Script is essentially the text of a written document and languages are written using them. A huge set of techniques have been proposed and many scripts, foreign & domestic, have(More)
In software development life cycle, software testing is one of the most important tasks; and in the testing, software reliably is very important aspect for any category of software systems. A number of testing-effort functions for software reliability growth model based on non-homogeneous Poisson process (NHPP) have been proposed in the past. Although these(More)
Software Reliability is an important facet of software quality. Software reliability is the probability of the failure free operation of a computer program for a specified period of time in a specified environment. Software Reliability is dynamic and stochastic. It differs from the hardware reliability in that it reflects design perfection, rather than(More)
This study aims to compare the predictive capability of two popular software reliability growth models (SRGM), say exponential growth and inflection S-shaped growth models. We first review the exponentiated Weibull (EW) testing-effort functions and discuss exponential type and inflection S-shaped type SRGM with EW testing-effort. We then analyzed the actual(More)
Reliability is always important in all systems but sometimes it is more important than other quality attributes. Software reliability engineering approach is focused on comprehensive techniques for developing reliable software and for proper assessment and improvement of the reliability. Reliability metrics, models and measurements form an essential part of(More)
Software Testing is an important area of research in the field of software engineering because it is the deciding factor for successful project release and directly proportion to software quality and reliability. A lot of research has been already done in this field, likely to be leveraged in future as software has become integral part of each and every(More)