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OBJECTIVES To describe the clinical features of prostate cancer in Senegalese men and compare these features with those found in African-American and white American men. METHODS We identified an unselected series of 121 patients with prostate cancer diagnosed at two hospitals in Dakar, Senegal between 1997 and 2002. Medical record abstractions were(More)
In front of the absence of a mammographic screening program and the late diagnosis of the breast cancers in Senegal, we wanted to evaluate the knowledge and the practice of the breast self examination (BSE) by feminine population in Senegal. During the period between July 10th to August 25th 2006, through five big hospitals in Dakar, we interviewed 300(More)
Obstetrical vesico-vaginal fistulas are still very common in developing countries, because of to the difficulties of medical facilities. From a series of 123 cases recorded during 6 years, we analyse their epidemiological, anatomo-clinical, and therapeutic aspects. A simplified classification is purposed.
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to report the epidemiological profile of erectile dysfunction in a population of diabetic men. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a prospective study including 431 diabetic patients seen in the outpatients department. 69 of these patients suffered from erectile dysfunction. A control group of 138 patients was randomly(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the management of patients with prostate cancer in Senegal. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed a retrospective descriptive study, based on the medical records of patients managed for prostate cancer during a period of six years and a half from January 1, 2004, to June 30, 2010. All records of inpatients and outpatients managed for(More)
The cancerization of supernumerary breast is uncommon. So when this situation occurs, the diagnosis is often late. Cancers of ectopic breast tissue have been reported in the international literature, but to our knowledge, no cancer after excision of accessory breast gland has been published. This article describes a case of ectopic breast tissue cancer in(More)
OBJECTIVES Ethnic differences in prostate cancer incidence are well documented, with African-Americans having among the highest rates in the world. Ethnic differences in genotypes for genes associated with androgen metabolism including SRD5A2 and CYP3A4 also may exist. The aim of this study was to evaluate differences in these genotypes by ethnicity. (More)
The three main penile emergency situations have been examined so as to better define the clinical and therapeutic aspects. In the present study, a fracture of the penis (n = 12) occurred following a coital accident in 8 cases. In general, a clinical diagnosis was made and emergency surgical treatment appeared to be the most efficient means of preventing(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the epidemiological, anatomical, clinical and therapeutic aspects of tuberculous epididymitis in adults in the tropics. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a retrospective study of 11 cases of confirmed and treated tuberculous epididymitis. RESULTS The most frequently affected age-group was 40-49 years. The commonest expression was that of(More)
The management of posterior urethral injuries is still a matter of controversies. Some authors recommend a primary or delayed emergency repair procedure, while others prefer late repair. The analysis of our series of fifteen cases showed that when patients are treated by delayed emergency operation, the results are usually good. However, when repair is(More)