S. M. Flanagan

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BACKGROUND The notion 'hard to reach' is a contested and ambiguous term that is commonly used within the spheres of social care and health, especially in discourse around health and social inequalities. There is a need to address health inequalities and to engage in services the marginalized and socially excluded sectors of society. METHODS This paper(More)
BACKGROUND National and local evaluations of clinical genetics service pilots have experienced difficulty in engaging with GPs. AIM To understand GPs' reluctance to engage with clinical genetics service developments, via an examination of the role of family history in general practice. DESIGN OF STUDY Qualitative study using semi-structured one-to-one(More)
Sometimes researchers fail to meet their recruitment targets, and sometimes it is predicted that recruitment may prove difficult but it is not obvious what ethical latitude researchers have to boost participation by, for instance, paying participants to take part or by paying family doctors to recruit patients to participate. In this paper, we distinguish(More)
to improve the productivity of fusion sciences research through the development and deployment of advanced software tools that reduce the technical barriers to collaboration and sharing on a national scale. Our vision is to make resources—data, computers along with analysis, simulation and visualization codes—widely and transparently available as network(More)
BACKGROUND The burden of chronic disease on patients and the health service is growing. Current health policy emphasises the need for services which provide integrated and co-ordinated care for patients with chronic diseases, but there is uncertainty about which integrated care interventions and service models may be most effective. This review of reviews(More)
BACKGROUND Colposcopy is an essential part of the National Health Service Cervical Screening Programme (NHSCSP). It is used for both diagnosis and treatment of pre-cancerous cells of the cervix. Despite colposcopy being a commonly performed and relatively invasive procedure, very little research has explored the potential long-term impacts of colposcopic(More)
OBJECTIVE To summarise the evidence regarding the effectiveness of integrated care interventions in reducing hospital activity. DESIGN Umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. SETTING Interventions must have delivered care crossing the boundary between at least two health and/or social care settings. PARTICIPANTS Adult patients with(More)
The US National Fusion Collaboratory (NFC) project has been exploring a variety of computer and network technologies to develop a persistent, efficient, reliable and convenient collaborative environment for magnetic fusion research. One goal is to enhance remote and collocated team collaboration by integrating collaboration software tools into control room(More)
The National Fusion Collaboratory (NFC) is creating and deploying collaborative software tools to unite magnetic fusion research in the United States. In particular, the NFC is developing and deploying a national FES " Grid " (FusionGrid) for secure sharing of computation, visualization, and data resources over the Internet. The goal of FusionGrid is to(More)