S. M. Elizarov

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We demonstrate for the first time the role of phosphorylation in the regulation of activities of enzymes responsible for inactivation of aminoglycoside antibiotics. The aminoglycoside phosphotransferase VIII (APHVIII) from the actinobacterial strain Streptomyces rimosus ATCC 10970 is an enzyme regulated by protein kinases. Two serine residues in APHVIII are(More)
An efficient test system for serine/threonine protein kinase inhibitors screening has been developed based on theE. coliprotein system APHVIII/Pk25. Phosphorylation of aminoglycoside phosphotransferase VIII (APHVIII) by protein kinases enhances resistance of the bacterial cell to aminoglycoside antibiotics, e.g. kanamycin. Addition of protein kinase(More)
The patterns of protein phosphorylation in inverted membrane vesicles from the strain Streptomyces fradiae ATCC 19609 were investigated to elucidate the mechanisms of regulation of bacterial membrane bound FoF1-ATP synthase. We found for the first time by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry that the β- and b-subunits of the FoF1-ATP(More)
Neurochordins are a family of immunologically interrelated high-M(r) neural tissue glycoproteins which includes four major molecular species and several minor ones. Incubation of the total preparation of immunoaffinity-isolated neurochordins with ATP and rabbit casein kinase 1 resulted in phosphorylation of two neurochordin polypeptides, A and B3. The(More)
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