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PURPOSE To determine if duplex ultrasonography (US) can help predict the degree of internal carotid arterial (ICA) stenosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS ICA peak systolic velocity (PSV) and the ratio of the PSV in the ICA to that in the ipsilateral common carotid artery (VICA/VCCA) were compared with the degree of arteriographically measured stenosis. ICAs were(More)
OBJECTIVE A wide range of Doppler threshold values for carotid stenosis is found in the literature. We undertook this study to compare methods of derivation and to determine if an optimum strategy of threshold selection exists for a high-risk population. MATERIALS AND METHODS From the sonograms of all patent internal carotid arteries, peak systolic(More)
Epilepsy surgery is gaining popularity for the treatment of children with intractable seizures in whom either a focal or extensive unilateral structural brain lesion is demonstrated. We evaluated the pre- and postoperative imaging findings in 29 patients (aged 22 days to 19 years) who underwent hemispherectomies, 12 total and 17 subtotal. Pathologic(More)
OBJECTIVES Outcome studies among post-menopausal females with calcified carotid artery plaque (CCAP) on their panoramic images have not been previously undertaken. We sought to compare the extent of abdominal aortic calcification (AAC) on lateral lumbar spine radiographs (LLSRs), among groups of females with (CCAP+) and without (CCAP-) carotid lesions on(More)
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