S. M. Didar Al Alam

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Cisplatin is well known to cause cochleotoxicity. In order to determine the underlying mechanisms of cisplatin-induced cell death in the cochlea, we investigated the apoptotic changes and the expression of bcl-2 family proteins controlling apoptosis. Mongolian gerbils were administered 4 mg/kg/day cisplatin consecutively for 5 days. The cisplatin-treated(More)
Acute effects of kanamycin and/or furosemide administration on the stria vascularis of the guinea pig cochlea were assessed by distortion product otoacoustic emission (DPOAE) and transmission electron microscopy. Kanamycin alone failed to affect the DPOAE levels and ultrastructural changes. Furosemide alone caused a rapid but reversible fall of the DPOAE(More)
<b>Context:</b> Not releasing software on time can cause substantial loss in revenue. Continuous awareness of the product release status is required. Release readiness is a time-dependent attribute of the status of the product release, which aggregates the degree of satisfaction of a portfolio of release process and product measures. <b>Goal:</b> At(More)
Technical Debt (TD) refers to the long-term consequences of shortcuts taken during different phases of software development life cycle. Lack of attention to monitoring and managing testing and development debt can contribute to unexpectedly large cost overruns and severe quality issues in software development projects. This paper describes a case study(More)
<b>Context</b>: A software release is the deployment of a version of an evolving software product. Product managers are typically responsible for deciding the release content, time frame, price, and quality of the release. Due to all the dynamic changes in the project and process parameters, the decision is highly complex and of high impact. (More)
Context: To survive in a highly competitive software market, product managers are striving for frequent, incremental releases in ever shorter cycles. Release decisions are characterized by high complexity and have a high impact on project success. Under such conditions, using the experience from past releases could help product managers to take more(More)
This document describes our experience of applying data analytics at Plexina, a leading IT company working in the healthcare domain. The main goal of the project was to identify factors currently affecting issue management and to make analytics based suggestions for optimizing the process. Various statistical and machine learning techniques were applied on(More)
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