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The dynamics of piston's secondary motion (lateral and rotational motion) across the clearance between piston and cylinder inner wall of reciprocating machines are analyzed. This paper presents an analytical model, which can predict the impact forces and vibratory response of engine block surface induced by the piston slap of an internal combustion engine.(More)
SUMMARY This study was undertaken to investigate the radiologic and clinical outcomes of vertebroplasty with calcium phosphate (CaP) cement in patients with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. The morphological changes of injected CaP cement in osteoporotic compressed vertebral bodies were variable and unpredictable. We suggest that the practice(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify patients' beliefs or behaviors related to treatment adherence and to assess association between asthma control and adherence in Asian patients with asthma. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional observational study of adult patients with asthma from specialist clinics in six Asian countries. Patients who were deemed by their(More)
In the subsection " Clinical and radiological analysis " , the first sentence of the second paragraph should read: " In addition, we also reviewed many radiological parameters such as the compression ratio, morphological changes of the injected CaP cement in the vertebral bodies, and the incidence of any subsequent adjacent or remote vertebral compression(More)
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