S. M. Borghei

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One of the most important concerns in Tehran municipal landfill is the production of leachate and its potential for water resources pollution, this study was undertaken to examine feasibility of biological and physico/chemical treating of high-strength landfill leachate that was collected from Tehran municipal landfill. Average COD of the leachate in(More)
The mechanism of flow around a pier structure is so complicated that it is difficult to establish a general empirical model to provide accurate estimation for scour. Interestingly, each of the proposed empirical formula yields good results for a particular data set. Hence, in this study, alternative approaches, artificial neural networks (ANNs) and adaptive(More)
Stepped chute flows are characterized by intense turbulence and strong flow aeration, but most studies did not investigate the turbulence characteristics. In this study, highly turbulent air-water flows skimming down a large-size stepped chute were systematically investigated. An experimental study of detailed air-water flow properties measurements were(More)
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