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Four root canal filling techniques--lateral condensation, McSpadden compaction, ultrasonic activation (Enac), and thermoplastic injection (Ultrafil)--were assessed for adaptation of the filling material to the canal wall. The adaptation and leakage were examined quantitatively using an electrochemical method and a linear dye penetration method, and(More)
Since its inception by Jacobson and von Fraunhofer in 1976, several studies have used the electrochemical method to assess the leakage occurring around root canal fillings. This study has examined aspects of the electrochemical technique and the effects that this test method may have on leakage results. The findings have raised concerns about the(More)
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Management of intra-canal and furcation perforations can pose a significant clinical challenge. In such cases a biological matrix can provide the framework for healing of injured periodontal tissues and will facilitate placement of the perforation repair material. As a consequence the long-term prognosis for treatment of the iatrogenic perforation can be(More)
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