S. M. B. Malaek

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Designing an intelligent controller for landing phase of a jet transport aircraft in presence of different wind patterns, in order to expand the flight safety envelope has been considered. There are some dangerous conditions like gusts and downbursts which may occur rarely in service life of aircraft, though, aircraft must be tested for these dangerous(More)
To expand the flight envelope of a typical jet transport and to minimize number of tests for the certification process, a design methodology has been proposed based on neural networks. The design procedure leads to an intelligent neuro-controller for landing phase that can handle different wind patterns. The procedure uses, a classical PID controller as the(More)
This work presents a complete framework of an integrated aerial virtual environment (IAVE), which could effectively help implementing MonoSLAM (single-camera simultaneous localization and mapping) on an aerial vehicle. The developed system allows investigating different flight conditions without using any preloaded maps or predefined features. A 3D(More)
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