S. M. Ali Tabei

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Analyses of random walks traditionally use the mean square displacement (MSD) as an order parameter characterizing dynamics. We show that the distribution of relative angles of motion between successive time intervals of random walks in two or more dimensions provides information about stochastic processes beyond the MSD. We illustrate the behavior of this(More)
A major goal of developmental biology is to understand the molecular mechanisms whereby genetic signaling networks establish and maintain distinct cell types within multicellular organisms. Here, we review cell-fate decisions in the developing eye of Drosophila melanogaster and the experimental results that have revealed the topology of the underlying(More)
We quantitatively analyzed particle tracking data on insulin granules expressing fluorescent fusion proteins in MIN6 cells to better understand the motions contributing to intracellular transport and, more generally, the means for characterizing systems far from equilibrium. Care was taken to ensure that the statistics reflected intrinsic features of the(More)
The LiHoxY1-xF4 magnetic material in a transverse magnetic field Bx x perpendicular to the Ising spin direction has long been used to study tunable quantum phase transitions in a random disordered system. We show that the Bx-induced magnetization along the x direction, combined with the local random dilution-induced destruction of crystalline symmetries,(More)
Robust methods for identifying patterns of expression in genome-wide data are important for generating hypotheses regarding gene function. To this end, several analytic methods have been developed for detecting periodic patterns. We improve one such method, JTK_CYCLE, by explicitly calculating the null distribution such that it accounts for multiple(More)
Is cholesterol distributed among intracellular compartments by passive equilibration down its chemical gradient? If so, its distribution should reflect the relative cholesterol affinity of the constituent membrane phospholipids as well as their capacity for association with the sterol. We examined this issue by analyzing the reactivity to cholesterol(More)
We exploit a simple model to numerically and analytically investigate the effect of enforcing a time constraint for achieving a system-wide goal during an evolutionary dynamics. This situation is relevant to finding antibody specificities in the adaptive immune response as well as to artificial situations in which an evolutionary dynamics is used to(More)
The Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation with infinitesimal surface tension, dynamically develops sharply connected valley structures within which the height derivative is not continuous. We discuss the intermittency issue in the problem of stationary state forced KPZ equation in 1+1 dimensions. It is proved that the moments of height increments C(a) =(More)
Large deviation theory has emerged as the natural language with which to study transitions between dynamical phases, such as the glass transition. Here we use this approach to show that the entrainment of an oscillator to an external driving force can be described as a phase transition between two regions in a joint space-time representation. Specifically,(More)
UNLABELLED   BACKGROUND α-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency is one of the most important genetic causes of childhood liver diseases in some parts of the world, but its geographic distribution is highly variable. There are many reports from Asian countries such as India, the Philippines, and China which show a very low incidence of this disease. However few(More)
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