S. M. Ahadi

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Analyzing the characteristics of the LR-based VAD, it was found that the delay associated with the decision directed (DD) a priori SNR estimator can lead to detection errors at speech onsets and offsets. In this paper the properties of a non-causal estimator, used before in a speech enhancement system, are investigated. It is shown that the application of(More)
— Speech signal enhancement is frequently referred to as a preprocessing step to speech recognition. However, in practice, this cannot be easily accomplished since the front-end signal processing techniques and/or parameters used in these two frequently differ. We apply a signal processing technique successfully used in speech enhancement to speech(More)
Speech recognition in Persian (Farsi) has recently been addressed by a few native speaking researchers and some approaches to isolated word and phoneme recognition have been reported. A main bottleneck in this research field is the lack of a recognition-specific speech corpus. In this work, a phonetically balanced speech database of Persian has been(More)
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