S. M. Ahadi

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Analyzing the characteristics of the LR-based VAD, it was found that the delay associated with the decision directed (DD) a priori SNR estimator can lead to detection errors at speech onsets and offsets. In this paper the properties of a non-causal estimator, used before in a speech enhancement system, are investigated. It is shown that the application of(More)
Speech recognition in Persian (Farsi) has recently been addressed by a few native speaking researchers and some approaches to isolated word and phoneme recognition have been reported. A main bottleneck in this research field is the lack of a recognition-specific speech corpus. In this work, a phonetically balanced speech database of Persian has been(More)
In Afghanistan, preeclampsia/eclampsia is the second leading cause of maternal deaths following maternal hemorrhage. This study aimed to describe clinical features, current treatments, and outcome among preeclampsia and eclampsia patients in the north region of Afghanistan. This was a retrospective study based on medical records of four center hospitals(More)
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