S. M. Abrarov

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Due to strong absorption of the incident light, the media with high refractive index are considered restrictive for applications in photonic crystals (PhCs). The possibility to resolve this problem by optical saturation effectively minimizing the absorption of the PhC medium is discussed. Such approach might be promising for the significant broadening of(More)
In our recent publication [1] we presented an exponential series approximation suitable for highly accurate computation of the complex error function in a rapid algorithm. In this Short Communication we describe how a simplified representation of the proposed complex error function approximation makes possible further algorithmic optimization resulting in a(More)
In our recent publications we have introduced the incomplete cosine expansion of the sinc function for efficient application in sampling [Abrarov & Quine, Appl. Math. Comput., 258 (2015) 425-435; Abrarov & Quine, J. Math. Research, 7 (2) (2015) 163-174]. Here we show that it can also be utilized as a flexible and efficient tool in mathematical analysis. In(More)
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