S. M. Abdullah

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—A protective relay performance analysis is only feasible when the hypothesis of expected relay operation characteristics as decision rules is established as the knowledge base. This has been meticulously accomplished by soliciting the relay knowledge domain from protection experts who are usually constrained by their experience and expertise. Manually(More)
In modern life, interactions between human beings frequently occur in meetings, where topics are discussed. Semantic knowledge of meetings can be revealed by discovering interaction patterns from these meetings. An existing method mines interaction patterns from meetings using tree structures. However, such a tree-based method may not capture all kinds of(More)
An on-board diagnostic II (OBD-II) is a standard diagnostic software management that is installed in a power train control module (PCM). It provides some useful data to the driver. There are four different devices using the OBD-II protocol exists in the market. These devices are used as a driver information system. They are personal digital assistant (PDA)(More)
This paper presents a new LiDAR segmentation technique for automatic extraction of building roofs. First, it uses a height threshold, based on the digital elevation model to divide the LiDAR point cloud into 'ground' and 'non-ground' points. Then starting from the maximum LiDAR height, and decreasing the height at each iteration, it looks for coplanar(More)
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