S. Longhi

C. Pomari1
L. Bonazza1
M. Olivieri1
1C. Pomari
1L. Bonazza
1M. Olivieri
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Flavour is an important key factor of apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) fruit quality, and its improvement is an important but complex breeding goal. Acetate esters are quantitatively the most important volatile compounds in apple fruit, and only a few of them dominate the typical aroma of a cultivar. Alcohol acyl-transferase (AAT) is a key enzyme involved(More)
A burgeoning literature has emerged during the last two decades to assess the economic impacts of immigration on host countries. In this paper, we outline the quantitative approaches presented in the literature to estimate the impact of immigration on the labour market, particularly at the regional level. We then revisit the joint impacts of immigration on(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with asthma, particularly severe asthma, poor adherence to inhaled drugs negatively affects the achievement of disease control. A better adherence rate is expected in the case of injected drugs, such as omalizumab, as they are administered only in a hospital setting. However, adherence to omalizumab has never been systematically(More)
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