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I. Fuzzy adaptive principle Fuzzy control based on fuzzy set theory, fuzzy linguistic variables and fuzzy logic inference for a computer based control method widely used in the control field, as an important branch of intelligent control, fuzzy control compared with the traditional control method has the following outstanding advantages: · No precise(More)
In this paper, the authors take a look at advantages of multiphase induction motors comparing them with three phase ones and present the applications where six-phase induction motors are used. They elaborate the mathematical model of six-phase induction motor with two similar stator three phase winding, shifted by 30 degrees in space and three phase winding(More)
The biggest problems arise at elaborating hardware models of FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron is related with implemantation of nonlinear part of the system. It is really difficult to realize such nonlinear part using analogue circuits, however it can be easily realized using microcontroller. In the article the elaborated microcontroller based hardware model of(More)
Recebido para publicação em 18 de junho de 2003 Recebido para publicação, após modificações, em 19 de dezembro de 2003 *Autor para correspondência. E-mail: aragao@cenargen.embrapa.br Losses of bone tissues occur due to several factors, most importantly due to accidents. The bone tissue has an uncommon capacity to regenerate with the complete substitution of(More)
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