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An effective heuristic algorithm for the An effective heuristic algorithm for the traveling salesman problem pdf traveling salesman problem pdf traveling salesman problem pdf An effective heuristic algorithm for the traveling salesman problem pdf DOWNLOAD! DIRECT DOWNLOAD! The most effective Improvement algorithms in solving TSP: the Lin-Kernighan. An(More)
This paper presents an algebraic method for constructing quasi-cyclic LDPC codes based on the primitive elements of finite fields. The construction gives a class of efficiently encodable quasi-cyclic LDPC codes. Experimental results show that the constructed codes decoded with iterative decoding using the sum-product algorithm perform well over the AWGN(More)
This paper presents two algebraic methods for constructing efficiently encodable quasi-cyclic (QC) LDPC codes that perform well on both the AWGN and binary erasure channels with iterative decoding in terms of bit-error performance, block error performance and error-floor, collectively. The constructions are based on the cyclic subgroups of the(More)
Business system management (BSM), or called business service management, has drawn tremendous attention in recent years. The emergence of the phenomenon is a natural development after system management practitioners realized that understanding the status of a particular IT resource is to comprehend only a small part of the big picture. To truly maximize the(More)
A novel VN/C nanostructure consisting of VN nanoparticles and graphite-dominant carbon layers is synthesized by nitridation of V2O5 using melamine as reductant under inert atmosphere. High crystalline VN nanoparticles are observed to be uniformly distributed in carbon layers with an average size of ca13.45 nm. Moreover, the electrocatalytic performance of(More)
An algebraic method for constructing structured regular and irregular LDPC codes with girth at least six is presented. The parity check matrices of the proposed codes are arrays of permutation matrices obtained by decomposing Euclidean geometries. Masking is applied to the resultant parity check matrices to yield codes with various degree distributions. The(More)
Inpainting algorithm is used to fill missing information in an image. This paper proposes modified fast and enhanced exemplar based inpainting algorithm for solving unknown row filling problem. This technique is modification in updating criteria in fast and enhanced exemplar based inpainting algorithm. Our experimental results show that proposed scheme(More)