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Methods. Skin scrapings were taken from outpatients with superficial dermatomycoses and cultured in Sabouraud dextrose agar with cycloheximide. They were then evaluated under a microscope using both the KOH wet mount technique and the new contrast stain. Two investigators read the slides together but were blinded to all other test results. The new contrast(More)
Rapid confirmation of dermatomycoses is desirable because it allows the clinician to initiate appropriate therapy without delay. The routine potassium hydroxide (KOH) wet-mount is cheap and rapid to use but this method lacks a color contrast. We offer a simple practical tip of adding Chicago Sky Blue (CSB) stain to KOH to highlight fungal elements and(More)
There is accumulating epidemiological evidence that exposure to some solvents, metals, asphyxiants and other substances in humans is associated with an increased risk of acquiring hearing loss. Furthermore, simultaneous and successive exposure to certain chemicals along with noise can increase the susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss. There are no(More)
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