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Rifampin has proved to be a valuable antibiotic with relatively few major adverse effects. Its toxicity is predominantly hepatic and immunoallergic in character. While hepatic toxicity is dose related and has been observed mainly in patients with underlying liver disease, the immunoallergic effects are usually associated with intermittent or prolonged(More)
Following IFRS mandatory adoption in 2005, the criteria determining the accounting treatment of R&D expenditure have changed for UK listed companies that publish consolidated financial statements. Therefore, recent literature raises concerns about the value relevance of R&D assets and expenses in the UK, after 2005. Using very recent data, we respond to(More)
In this paper a new double-loop computer network is presented, as well as its hardware implementation. The proposed protocol permits simultaneous transfer of variable-length messages even between interfering segments of the network. Various concurrent transmissions can also take place with this protocol. These operations, together with a completely(More)
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