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Intrapleural pressure, the tracheal air flow and tidal volume were recorded simultaneously in pentobarbital-anaesthetized dogs and changes occurring in them during defensive reflexes elicited by mechanical stimulation of the mucosa of different parts of the respiratory tract were evaluated quantitatively. The results show that, in addition to coughing and(More)
The typology and number of chromosomes were studied in two species of feathered game: common pheasant and rock partridge. The use of the traditional method of bone marrow processing after Konstantinov and Dobriyanov (1974) made it possible in the studied species to form the caryotypes, even despite the problems encountered in avian cytogenetics. Chromosome(More)
In two equal periods, using the conventional method of processing bone-marrow cells after Konstantinov and Dobriyanov (1974), we studied the connection between the occurrence of chromosomal aberrations and deviations of phenotype. In the first part of the observation we found 8.5% numerical aberrations in 20 ducklings with retarded motility, torticollis and(More)
Typology and the number of chromosomes were studied in two species of domestic poultry: the domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus) and duck (Anas platyrhynchos domestica). The classical method, described by Konstantinov and Dobriyanov (1974), used in the trails, enabled typology only in the largest chromosomes. In the remaining microchromosomes the position of(More)
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