S Leigh Verbois

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Alterations in neurotransmitter receptor expression in the central nervous system may contribute to physiological and behavioral deficits that follow traumatic brain injury (TBI). Previous studies from our laboratory have demonstrated significant and widespread deficits in alpha7* nicotinic cholinergic receptor (alpha7* nAChr) expression 2 days following(More)
There is an urgent need for accurate and inexpensive handheld instruments for the evaluation of medicine quality in the field. A blinded evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of the Counterfeit Detection Device 3 (CD-3), developed by the US Food and Drug Administration Forensic Chemistry Center, was conducted in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Two(More)
The US FDA recently developed CD3+, a counterfeit detection tool that is based on sample illumination at specific wavelengths of light and visual comparison of suspect sample and packaging materials to an authentic sample. To test performance of the CD3+ in field conditions, a study was conducted in Ghana which compared the CD3+ side-by-side with two(More)
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