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Solid phase synthesis of polymer biotherapeutics using conventional polymers suffers from many limitations such as low synthetic yield and purity. The conventional polymers prepared by either pre- or post-functionalization strategies have no control over the point of functionalization. Hence we report a novel cross-linked polymer in which the functional(More)
A high swelling resin, CLPSER has been developed and utilized for the solid phase synthesis of Pardaxin, which is an 18-residue peptide. The resin was characterized by gel phase (13)C NMR, IR and SEM. The utility of the new polymer support in polypeptide synthesis was further established by the comparative synthesis of pardaxin with commercially available(More)
CaMKII (Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II) is expressed in high concentrations in the brain and is found enriched in the postsynaptic densities. The enzyme is activated by the binding of calmodulin to the autoregulatory domain in the presence of high levels of intracellular Ca2+, which causes removal of auto-inhibition from the N-terminal(More)
Cross-linked polystyrene-ethyleneglycol acrylate resin (CLPSER) was developed for the solid-phase synthesis of peptide by introducing a cross-linker, O,O'-bis(2-acrylamidopropyl)polyethylene glycol(1900) (Acr(2)PEG), into polystyrene. The cross-linker was prepared by treating acryloyl chloride with O,O'-bis(2-aminopropyl) polyethylene glycol(1900)(More)
Time series analysis is the process of building a model using statistical techniques to represent characteristics of time series data. Processing and forecasting huge time series data is a challenging task. This paper presents Approximation and Prediction of Stock Time-series data (AP ST), which is a two step approach to predict the direction of change of(More)
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