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An algorithm for non-parametric estimation of one-dimensional ul-trasound pulses in echo sequences from human tissues is derived. The technique is a variation of the homomorphic ltering technique using the real cepstrum, and the underlying basis of the method is explained. The algorithm exploits a priori knowledge about the structure of rf line echo data(More)
We study the instantaneous frequency of a signal which is formed by the summation of a sinewave and a bandlimited signal. We refer to the composite signal as a sinewave squelched or simply a squelched signal. We study the behavior of the squelched signal at its real zeros and extrema. In particular when the sinewave frequency is equal to the largest(More)
B-mode ultrasound images are characterised by the speckle artefact, which introduces fine-false structures whose apparent resolution is beyond the imaging system capabilities. Two widely used methods destined for speckle reduction are: a) split spectrum processing (SSP), and b) angular compounding. The first one is responsible for a significant resolution(More)
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