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. The paper deals with the self configured intelligent sensor networking. The individual sensors are acting on the body or an object to measure different parameters. Although the sensors are measuring parameters accurately, but they are failed to act depending on different situations. For example a robot is moving on a surface can take decision to turn left(More)
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Total coloring is a function which assigns colors to the vertices and edges so that adjacent vertices and incident edges receive different colors. In this paper we introduce the concept of total coloring of graphs to fuzzy graphs. Here we consider the fuzzy graphs with fuzzy set of vertices and fuzzy set of edges and define fuzzy total coloring in terms of(More)
Text mining can be defined as the art of extracting data from large amount of texts. It allows to structure and categorize the text contents which are initially non organized and heterogeneous. Text mining is an important data mining technique which includes the most successful technique to extract the effective patterns. The paper focuses on developing an(More)
Cognitive radio techniques provide the capability to use or share the spectrum in an opportunistic manner. The major functions of cognitive radio include spectrum sensing, spectrum management, spectrum mobility and spectrum sharing. Spectrum sensing is the primary technique which is used by all the Cognitive radio users to harvest the advantage of Cognitive(More)
The two major concerns of the wireless communication system are throughput of the network and underutilization of wireless channels. Opportunistic routing (OR) aims at improving the former and coping with the latter. Due to the unreliable characteristics of such channels, traditional routing achieves poor throughput. Since traditional routing arbitrarily(More)
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is one among the foremost damaging threats faced by most of the web applications. Variety of helpful mitigation techniques are proposed to discriminate between legitimate and illegitimate traffic. This paper proposes legitimate chance inspection algorithm (LCIA) to protect legitimate traffic from malicious(More)