S. Laura Adamkewicz

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A phylogenetic reconstruction based on 506 nucleotides near the 5' end of the 18S subunit of ribosomal DNA (rDNA) in 2 gastropod, 3 chiton and 28 bivalve mollusks supported the monophyly and sister group relationship of the subclasses Heterodonta and Palaeoheterodonta but could not confidently establish either the monophyly or the phylogenetic relationships(More)
The phylogenetic position of the ancient family Pleurotomariidae within the Molluscan class Gastropoda, as well as the relationships of its Recent genera and species, were assessed using an iterative, two-gene (18S rDNA and cytochrome c oxidase I) approach to phylogeny reconstruction. In order to orient the Pleurotomariidae within Gastropoda, partial 18S(More)
We wish to report a genetic polymorphism for electrophoretic variants of hemoglobin in the California ground squirrel, Spermophilus beecheyi beecheyi (Richardson). Erythrocytes were separated by centrifugation, lysed by freezing, and diluted 1:40 with 5 % sucrose in the running buffer. Samples of 20 pl were treated by vertical electrophoresis in a 3 mm slab(More)
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