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An outbreak of acute liver failure occurred at a dialysis center in Caruaru, Brazil (8 degrees 17' S, 35 degrees 58' W), 134 km from Recife, the state capital of Pernambuco. At the clinic, 116 (89%) of 131 patients experienced visual disturbances, nausea, and vomiting after routine hemodialysis treatment on 13-20 February 1996. Subsequently, 100 patients(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Rising incidence and prevalence of ulcerative colitis (UC) had been observed in Asian countries. We conducted a study in an Asian center, aiming to describe the epidemiology and clinical characteristics of UC in local Chinese population. METHODS This is a retrospective analysis of patients with diagnosis of UC in our hospital from June(More)
A retrospective study of the cardiovascular side-effects of 17 patients during and after receiving unpurged cryopreserved autologous bone marrow and/or peripheral blood stem cells was performed. Fourteen (82%) patients developed cardiac arrhythmia, of which 11 (65%) developed sinus bradycardia, four (24%) second degree heart block and one patient had(More)
A case of extramedullary plasmacytoma of the heart was described and the literature was reviewed. Prompt surgical intervention is recommended to patients with mechanical obstruction leading to severe hemodynamic disturbance. Systemic chemotherapy or radiotherapy should be considered after the emergency has been settled.
A wide range of intra-vesical foreign bodies have been described in the literature. Causes include iatrogenic, migration from adjacent organs, penetrating injuries and self-insertion, either due to eroticism, inquisitiveness or as a result of a psychiatric illness. We present an unusual case of fictitious bladder stones that proved unbreakable using all(More)
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