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Fifteen Corynebacterium ureicelerivorans isolates were recovered in pure culture from six patients during a five-year period. Five patients had bacteremia and the other was an infection of ascitic fluid. The API Coryne™ numerical profile obtained corresponds to the profile for C. bovis, while Biolog™ GP2 identified four out of the six isolates as C.(More)
Fourteen Corynebacterium coyleae isolates were recovered from 12 in-patients during a 5-years period. In six patients, the isolates were considered as clinically significant, three definite (sepsis), two probable (sepsis and soft tissue infection), and one possible (post-transfusional bacteremia). In the remaining 6 patients (all neonatal bacteremias),(More)
Offences involving sexual assault are an issue of the greatest current interest in different social fields (legal, medical, police, criminological...). They are significant due to their frequency and to the legal, physical and psychological repercussions involved. It is therefore important to clearly understand the pattern of action in Accidents and(More)
Advances in Immunology are continuously occurring, specially in the knowledge of normal and pathological mechanisms. Many new diagnostics tests are frequently proposed but these techniques must been in order to evaluate real usefulness and specificity. In this review we reported some of immunologic areas in which some advance has been recently achieved or(More)
A long-term study of six children suffering idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis (IPH) was realized, in order to evaluate prognostic factors and the best therapy. The treatment was initiated with prednisone 1-2 mg/kg/day which was gradually decreased until total suppression. Clinical remission was always achieved but relapses were frequently observed. All but(More)
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