S. Lalitha

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Epilepsy is a complex neurological disorder manifested by recurrent episodes of convulsive seizures, loss of consciousness, and sensory disturbances. Pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-induced kindling primarily represents a model of generalized epilepsy. The present study has been undertaken to evaluate the neuroprotective potential of hesperidin and its interaction(More)
In the present study an attempt has been made to investigate the attitude of parents of hearing impaired children and parents of normal children towards their children. Parental attitude scale was developed by Schafer and Bell (1958) based on the original inventory designed by Shoben was administered on 120 parents out of which 30 fathers and 30 mothers has(More)
Atypical mycobacteria are distinct from the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Mycobacterium chelonae, a non-pigment producing rapid grower, can be found in many cutaneous sites; infection occurs most commonly after skin trauma from surgery, injections, or minor injuries. In immune competent patients, the infection is more frequently localized as a cellulitis or a(More)
AIM Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder with complex pathophysiology. Several evidences suggest a role of oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in pathophysiology of epilepsy. Hesperidin (Hesp) acts as a powerful anti-oxidant agent against superoxide, singlet oxygen, and hydroxyl radicals. Thus, this study was undertaken to evaluate the(More)
Over the past decade, local monitoring has been shown to be a powerful technique for improving security in multihop wireless sensor networks (WSNs). However, local monitoring as it is currently practiced is costly in terms of energy consumption. Sleep-wake protocols are critical in sensor networks to ensure long-lived operation. However, an open problem is(More)
BACKGROUND Daśamūla (DM) is a top-traded group of medicinal plants used by the Ayurvedic industry. Through literature survey and analysis, this article has enlisted the botanical sources of DM, as correlated by several scholars. Such a list is not available from any single, earlier publication. It brings to light the confusion that exists in terms of(More)
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