S. Lakshminarayan

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Although recent epidemiologic studies have established that patients with chronic medical illness and depressed mood are more disabled than euthymic patients, detailed data on the benefits and risks of antidepressant treatment in medically high-risk patients have been slow to accumulate. The authors have examined multiple outcome indicators in patients with(More)
We studied the effects of aerosolized as well as intravenous infusion of acetylcholine on bronchial blood flow in six anesthetized sheep. Intravenous infusion of acetylcholine, at a dose of 2 microg/kg, increased bronchial blood flow from 45 +/- 15 (SE) to 74 +/- 30 ml/min, and vascular conductance increased by 76 +/- 22%. In contrast, aerosolized(More)
In plants, the oxidative cleavage of carotenoid substrates produces volatile apocarotenoids, including α-ionone, β-ionone, and dihydro-β-ionone, compounds that are important in herbivore-plant communication. For example, β-ionone is part of an induced defense in canola, Brassica napus, and is released following wounding by herbivores. The objectives of the(More)
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