S. Lakshmi

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The main objective of this project is to investigate the cooperative diversity technique as a candidate solution for combating turbulence-induced fading over Free-Space Optical (FSO). In particular, we consider a decode-and-forward strategy with one relay over Free-Space Optical (FSO) links with intensity modulation and direct detection (IM/DD). The error(More)
Cloud computing has emerged as promising future computing paradigm which provides plethora of services to users. Nevertheless, the cloud servers are treated as untrusted from user point of view as they are accessed through electronic super high way, the Internet. Cloud Computing is based on virtualization technology that facilitates to employ virtual(More)
The paper focuses on the rule based case transfer, which is a part of the transfer grammar module developed for bidirectional Tamil to Malayalam Machine Translation system. The present study involves two typologically close and genetically related languages, namely Tamil and Malayalam. We considered the basic construction of sentences which is highly(More)
—In this paper we consider the former accepted definition of W.H.Innmon and is rewritten in terms of well established later temporal concepts. With reference to a three-level architecture, we address some topics namely: Temporal databases and granularity system, handling changes in the data warehouse, handling changes in the data mart, and designing(More)
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