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Edge is a basic feature of image. The image edges include rich information that is very significant for obtaining the image characteristic by object recognition. Edge detection refers to the process of identifying and locating sharp discontinuities in an image. So, edge detection is a vital step in image analysis and it is the key of solving many complex(More)
Considering the growing interest in using cloud services, the accessibility and the effective management of the required resources, irrespective of the time and place, seems to be of great importance both to the service providers and users. One of the best ways for increasing utilization and improving the performance of the cloud systems is the auto-scaling(More)
The cast shadows on the background of the object or scene will definitely affect the recognition of the foreground objects. Due to this unavoidable problem, the performance of the successful object recognition, image analysis and object tracking algorithms would be degraded. An efficient shadow detection and removal algorithm is necessary to make the(More)
Background subtraction is typically one of the first steps carried out in motion detection using static video cameras. This paper presents a novel method for background removal that processes only some pixels of each image. Some regions of interest of the objects in the image or frame are located with the help of edge detector. Once the region is detected(More)
—Computer Networks and Internet has become very famous nowadays since it satisfies people with varying needs by providing variety of appropriate services. Computer Networks have revolutionized our use of computers. Online bills, shopping, transactions and many other essential activities performed on the go by just a single click from our homes. Though it is(More)
Vertical gyroscope is used to measure the pitch and roll attitude of the aircraft with respect to local vertical. Since it provides the state feedback for the basic stabilization loop, the error in the vertical gyro may destabilize the flight control system. The erection mechanism of a vertical gyro is based on mercury level bubble/electrolytic level(More)
The paper focuses on the rule based case transfer, which is a part of the transfer grammar module developed for bidirectional Tamil to Malayalam Machine Translation system. The present study involves two typologically close and genetically related languages, namely Tamil and Malayalam. We considered the basic construction of sentences which is highly(More)
Cloud computing has emerged as promising future computing paradigm which provides plethora of services to users. Nevertheless, the cloud servers are treated as untrusted from user point of view as they are accessed through electronic super high way, the Internet. Cloud Computing is based on virtualization technology that facilitates to employ virtual(More)