S. L. Yuan

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Spheroidin (SPH) is the most highly expressed gene of the entomopoxvirus isolated from Amsacta moorei (AmEPV). The level of expression of poxvirus genes is believed to be governed in large part by the promoter. Poxvirus promoters generally consist of approximately 40 bp which frequently terminate at the 3' end with a translation initiating TAAATG sequence.(More)
Few behavioral tests are available to evaluate extrapyramidal dysfunctions after focal cerebral ischemia in rodents, although extrapyramidal motor dysfunctions are often observed clinically in patients with cerebral infarction. We evaluated the methamphetamine (MP)-induced rotation test for the detection and quantification of extrapyramidal motor(More)
OBJECTIVES This pilot study aimed to evaluate the potential effects of Shiatsu massage on the symptoms of adult patients with primary fibromyalgia, propose a Shiatsu treatment protocol, verify patient acceptability, and evaluate the feasibility for a larger study. METHODS Thirty-four patients aged 33 to 62 years were divided into a Shiatsu group (SG; n =(More)
Acute i. p injection of diazepam (3 mg/kg) significantly decreased the open field behaviors (locomotion and rearing) of rats. However, when diazepam (3 mg/kg) was given ip daily for 15 consecutive days, no depressive effect on the open field behaviors was observed. After the open field observation, rats were immediately decapitated and brain slices of(More)
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