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To determine the isotherm parameters and kinetic parameters of adsorption of anion polyacrylamide (APAM) from aqueous solution on PVDF ultrafiltration membrane (PM) and modified PVDF ultrafiltration membrane (MPM) is important in understanding the adsorption mechanism of ultrafiltration processes. Effect of variables including adsorption time, initial(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Identifying feeding arteries of intracranial AVMs is very important for preoperative evaluation. DSA remains the reference standard for diagnosis but is invasive. Our aim was to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of vessel-encoded pseudocontinuous arterial spin-labeling in identifying feeding arteries of intracranial AVMs by using DSA(More)
The alveolar permeability (AP) in 21 patients with active diffuse infiltrative lung disease (ILD) was measured by 99Tcm-diethylenetriaminapentaacetate (DTPA) radioaerosol inhalation lung scintigraphy. The degree of AP damage in ILD was presented as the slope (% min-1) of the time-activity curve from the dynamic lung image. Meanwhile, the quantitative Ga(More)
UNLABELLED The alveolar integrity (AI) in 17 male patients with pulmonary emphysema (EMPH) diagnosed by chest x-ray was measured by 99mTc-DTPA and 99mTc-HMPAO radioaerosol inhalation lung scintigraphy. METHODS The patients were divided into two groups: (A) nine patients with pulmonary emphysema and normal carbon monoxide diffusion capacity (DLCO) and (B)(More)
The speed of Tc-99m DTPA/HMPAO radioaerosol clearance from the lungs that is represented as a slope from lungs to blood was measured in 23 male normal controls using commercial lung radioaerosol delivery units in the supine position in order to avoid the influences of gravity. The right lung was selected and three regions of interest were created for equal(More)
A low-cost device is presented for noncontact measurement of robot position and orientation. It consists of an optical sensor and three laser scanners. The sensor is attached to the end-effector while the laser scanners cast light planes to trace the sensor movement. The device measures equations of the light planes from which end-effector position and(More)
This study investigated the effects of microhabitat characteristics on soil seed bank structure, regeneration strategies, and plant composition in a Mediterranean coastal sand dune in Israel. Three different microhabitats were selected: (a) open patches between shrubs, (b) shrub understorey, and (c) open, disturbed patches in pedestrian trails. In each(More)
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) flat ultrafiltration membranes modified by nano-sized alumina (Al₂O₃) particles were prepared by phase inversion process and their properties and anti-fouling performances were examined. The influence of three types of natural organic matters on the modified membrane fouling was also studied. Raw water was taken from two(More)
The severity of lung inflammation in 34 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) was measured by quantitative 67Ga-citrate lung scanning. The severity of lung inflammation in SLE was represented by the 67Ga uptake index (GUI). Quantitative 67Ga lung scanning was also performed on 20 normal controls for comparison with the SLE patients. The patients(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was to develop computer aided design system of anterior prosthesis, which can improve information communication among doctors, technicians, patients and raise anterior prosthesis cosmetic effect. METHODS Digital camera was used for image capture; Space field method, neighboring field average method, midst value filter method, and(More)