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Biochemical studies of K+ efflux from rat pinealocytes revealed for the first time that norepinephrine (NE) increases 86Rb+ and 42K+ efflux. The effects of NE depend upon concurrent activation of both alpha 1- and beta-adrenoceptors. This effect is mediated by cAMP and Ca2+, which appear to act in conjunction to control K+ efflux; studies with charybdotoxin(More)
To characterize the effect of beta-endorphin on T-lymphocyte activation, we examined its influence on membrane currents, intracellular calcium flux, and c-myc mRNA levels during mitogenic stimulation of Jurkat cells. While beta-endorphin weakly enhanced voltage-activated K+ currents of Jurkat cells by itself, it suppressed these currents in the presence of(More)
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