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BACKGROUND A 10-question screening scale of psychological distress and a six-question short-form scale embedded within the 10-question scale were developed for the redesigned US National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). METHODS Initial pilot questions were administered in a US national mail survey (N = 1401). A reduced set of questions was subsequently(More)
Stereotactic lesions in the thalamus for treatment of parkinsonian tremor are often made at the location where neurons fire at approximately tremor frequency (tremor cells). Some of these cells show a large amount of activity at tremor frequency and are significantly correlated with electromyographic activity (EMG) during tremor. Our analysis of cellular(More)
BACKGROUND In 1992, Massachusetts launched a state-wide managed care plan for all Medicaid beneficiaries. METHODS This retrospective, multi-year, cross-sectional study used administrative data from the Massachusetts Division of Medical Assistance and Department of Mental Health, consisting of claims for 16,400 disabled adult patients insured by Medicaid(More)
Combining opinion from expert panels is becoming a more common method of selecting criteria to define quality of health care. The Rand Corporation pioneered this method is the 1950s and 1960s in the context of forecasting technological events. Since then, numerous organizations have adopted the methodology to develop local and national policy. In the(More)
We present two stochastic models that describe the relationship between biomarker process values at random time points, event times, and a vector of covariates. In both models the biomarker processes are degradation processes that represent the decay of systems over time. In the first model the biomarker process is a Wiener process whose drift is a function(More)
BACKGROUND Some have the opinion that patients cared for in Veterans Health Administration (VHA) hospitals receive care of poorer quality than those cared for in non-VHA institutions. To assess the quality of care in VHA hospitals, we compared the outcome of acute myocardial infarction among patients in VHA and non-VHA institutions while controlling for(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors investigated changes in treatment patterns and costs of care for children after the implementation of the Massachusetts Medicaid carve-out managed care plan. METHODS The authors hypothesized that after the introduction of managed care, per-child expenditures would be reduced, continuity of care would not improve, and per-child mental(More)
We consider a two- and a three-stage hierarchical design containing the effects of k clusters with n units per cluster. In the two-stage model, the conditional distribution of the discrete response Y(i) is assumed to be independent binomial with mean n(straight theta)i (I=1,....k). The success probabilities, straight theta(i)'s, are assumed exchangeable(More)
BACKGROUND There is concern that care provided in the Veterans Health Administration (VA) may be of poorer quality than non-VA health care. We compared use of medications after acute myocardial infarction in the VA with that in non-VA healthcare settings under fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare financing. METHODS AND RESULTS We used clinical data from 2486 VA(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors reviewed published research that compared partial and full hospitalization as alternative programs for the care of mentally ill adults, with the goal of both systematizing the knowledge base and providing directions for future research. METHOD Studies published since 1950 were obtained through manual and electronic searches. Results(More)