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OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of prepubertal gonadectomy on physical and behavioral development in cats. DESIGN Prospective controlled study of kittens randomly assigned to 3 treatment groups: group 1, neutered at 7 weeks of age; group 2, neutered at 7 months of age; and group 3, sexually intact controls. ANIMALS 31 clinically normal male and female(More)
In a 15-month study, the effects of prepubertal gonadectomy on skeletal growth, weight gain, food intake, body fat, secondary sex characteristics, and behavioral development were investigated in 32 mixed-breed dogs. Male and female pups from 5 litters were randomly allotted to 3 groups: group I, neuter at 7 weeks (n = 14); group II, neuter at 7 months (n =(More)
Renal length and width dimensions were determined from survey radiography and excretory urography in 28 cats of various sex and reproductive status. Renal dimensions were expressed as a ratio to the length of the second lumbar vertebra. Renal dimensions were not significantly different when males were compared to females. However, significant differences in(More)
[Pd(16)Ni(4)(CO)(22)(PPh(3))(4)](2)(-) (1) and [Pd(33)Ni(9)(CO)(41)(PPh(3))(6)](4)(-) (2) were obtained as the two major products from the reduction of PdCl(2)(PPh(3))(2) with [Ni(6)(CO)(12)](2)(-). Their crystal structures as [PPh(4)](+) salts were unambiguously determined from CCD X-ray crystallographic analyses; the resulting stoichiometries were(More)
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