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DNA damage slows DNA synthesis at replication forks; however, the mechanisms remain unclear. Cdc7 kinase is required for replication origin activation, is a target of the intra-S checkpoint, and is implicated in the response to replication fork stress. Remarkably, we found that replication forks proceed more rapidly in cells lacking Cdc7 function than in(More)
The paper discusses an approach involving digital image processing and geometric logic for recognition of two dimensional shapes of objects such as squares, circles, rectangles and triangles as well as the color of the object. This approach can be extended to applications like robotic vision and computer intelligence. The methods involved are three(More)
One of the current problems facing computer architecture is the design of hardware for efficient storage and retrieval of data. The three papers in this session consider various aspects of this problem: Spooling data for batch-type processing, accessing data on charge couple devices, and using data in an experimental information retrieval system.
Cardiac arrhythmias continue to be one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease (CD) for men and women in the US. [1] Diagnosis and treatment of these conditions are usually achieved using electrocardiogram (ECG) devices such as Holter monitors, loop recorders and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) among others. In this document, we report(More)
Image processing is effective tool for analysis in various fields and applications in agriculture. Today’s very advanced and automated industries used more accurate method for different inspection processes of agriculture object. This task known as robotics task. In Indian agriculture industry many kind of activities are done like quality inspection,(More)
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