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  • M Amenomori, S Ayabe, X J Bi, D Chen, S W Cui, Danzengluobu +79 others
  • 2008
We have already reported the first result on the all-particle spectrum around the knee region based on data from 2000 November to 2001 October observed by the Tibet-III air-shower array. In this paper, we present an updated result using data set collected in the period from 2000 November through 2004 October in a wide range over 3 decades between 10 14 eV(More)
OBJECTIVE Reports suggest that catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT(L/L)) (Val(158)/Met) and monoamine oxidase B (MAOB) intron 13 genotype polymorphism is associated with PD. To understand the ethnicity-specific effects of genetic polymorphism, we performed a case-control study of the association between PD susceptibility and polymorphism of MAOB and COMT,(More)
The patterned visually evoked potential (pVEP) and patterned electroretinogram (pERG) after light and dark adaptation were investigated in 10 visually normal human observers. The influence of retinal preadaptation on the pVEP appeared to be dependent on the stimulus field size. With a 6 degree field size retinal adaptation effects were not apparent, but(More)
  • M Amenomori, S Ayabe, X J Bi, D Chen, S W Cui, Danzengluobu +79 others
  • 2006
The intensity of Galactic cosmic rays is nearly isotropic because of the influence of magnetic fields in the Milky Way. Here, we present two-dimensional high-precision anisotropy measurement for energies from a few to several hundred teraelectronvolts (TeV), using the large data sample of the Tibet Air Shower Arrays. Besides revealing finer details of the(More)
  • M Amenomori, S Ayabe, Caidong, Danzengluobu, L K Ding, Z Y Feng +53 others
  • 2008
Since 1996, a hybrid experiment consisting of the emulsion chamber and burst detector array and the Tibet-II air-shower array has been operated at Yangbajing (4300 m above sea level, 606 g/cm 2) in Tibet. This experiment can detect air-shower cores, called as burst events, accompanied by air showers in excess of about 100 TeV. We observed about 4300 burst(More)
  • M Amenomori, S Ayabe, D Chen, S W Cui, Danzengluobu, L K Ding +72 others
  • 2005
A hybrid experiment consisting of emulsion chambers, burst detectors and the Ti-bet II air-shower array was carried out at Yangbajing (4,300 m a.s.l., 606 g/cm 2) in Tibet to obtain the energy spectra of primary protons and heliums. From three-year operation, these energy spectra are deduced between 10 15 and 10 16 eV by triggering the air showers(More)
  • M Amenomori, S Ayabe, S W Cui, Danzengluobu, L K Ding, X H Ding +73 others
  • 2005
(The Tibet ASγ Collaboration) – 2 – ABSTRACT We present the large-scale sidereal anisotropy of galactic cosmic-ray intensity in the multi-TeV region observed with the Tibet-III air shower array during the period from 1999 through 2003. The sidereal daily variation of cosmic rays observed in this experiment shows an excess of relative intensity around 4 ∼ 7(More)
  • W.-C Tseng, Y.-H Chen, R.-B Lin, Router, Bo Marr, Brian Degnan +91 others
  • 2014
and cell library codevelopment for improving redundant via insertion at pins, " in Proc. Abstract—Statistical analysis of computations per unit energy in processors over the last 30 years is given that illustrates a sharp reduction in the rate of energy efficiency improvements over the last several years resulting in the formation of an asymptotic " wall "(More)
In this section, we aim to provide some intuitive insights on how opportunistic resource sharing can lead to a win-win situation—service providers' costs are lowered, while infrastructure providers' revenues increase, as well. In a network virtualization environment [1], service providers lease substrate resources from infrastructure providers to deploy(More)
Reliable and precise methods for non-invasive diagnostics of sub-picosecond electron bunches are required for new accelerator facilities (FEL, LWFA, et al.). Measurements of spectral characteristics of coherent radiation generated by such bunches using interferometer allow to determine a bunch length [1]. Here we present a compare experimental study between(More)