S L Hsu

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OBJECTIVES To characterize the clinical and cellular phenotypes of a novel MPZ mutation identified in a Chinese family with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease type 1B. METHODS The family was evaluated clinically, electrophysiologically, pathologically, and genetically. The wild-type and mutant P(0) fused with fluorescent proteins were expressed in vitro to(More)
The recently identified theta-globin gene subfamily consists of the theta 1-globin gene located downstream from the alpha 1-globin gene, and several other members including at least one truncated, processed pseudogene psi theta 2 (refs 1,6). Unlike the theta 1-globin genes of the rabbit and galago, the structure of these genes in the orangutan and baboon(More)
In numerous systems, giant physical responses have been discovered when two phases coexist; for example, near a phase transition. An intermetallic FeRh system undergoes a first-order antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic transition above room temperature and shows two-phase coexistence near the transition. Here we have investigated the effect of an electric(More)
The complex interplay of spin, charge, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom provides a plethora of exotic phases and physical phenomena. In recent years, complex spin topologies have emerged as a consequence of the electronic band structure and the interplay between spin and spin-orbit coupling in materials. Here we produce complex topologies of(More)
  • Chih-Chang Cheng, J F Lin, Tahui Wang, T H Hsieh, J T Tzeng, Y C Jong +3 others
  • 2006
—Degradation of lateral diffused MOS transistors in various hot-carrier stress modes is investigated. A novel three-region charge-pumping technique is proposed to characterize interface trap (N it) and bulk oxide charge Q ox creation in the channel and in the drift regions separately. The growth rates of N it and Q ox are extracted from the proposed method.(More)
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