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PURPOSE To report results of a 5-year prospective low-dose helical chest computed tomographic (CT) study of a cohort at high risk for lung cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS After informed written consent was obtained, 1520 individuals were enrolled. Protocol was approved by institutional review board and National Cancer Institute and was compliant with Health(More)
Studies suggest that screening with spiral computed tomography can detect lung cancers at a smaller size and earlier stage than chest radiography can. To evaluate low-radiation-dose spiral computed tomography and sputum cytology in screening for lung cancer, we enrolled 1,520 individuals aged 50 yr or older who had smoked 20 pack-years or more in a(More)
We compared the screening interpretation of fluorometric analytical results for phenylketonuria (PKU) with tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) in filter paper blood spots collected from newborns <24 h of age. In MS/MS, both Phe and Tyr are quantified. Two hundred and eight blood spots collected from infants <24 h of age were retrieved from storage from the(More)
BACKGROUND Social support is defined as a network of family/friends who provide practical and emotional help. A sizable literature describes a direct relationship between social support and improved cancer clinical outcomes. This study explored the extent of social support and its potential association with survival and adverse events in geriatric lung(More)
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