S L Ehlers

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Optimal cooling of aluminum alloys following the high-temperature extrusion process suppresses precipitation of intermetallic compounds and results in a part capable of possessing maximum strength and hardness after the subsequent age-hardening process. Rapid quenching suppresses precipitation but can lead to large spatial temperature gradients in(More)
OBJECTIVE The role of social support as a predictor of long-term survival among patients with schizophrenia was examined. METHODS Social histories were abstracted from the medical records of a cohort of 133 deceased schizophrenic patients admitted for inpatient treatment between 1934 and 1944. Two independent raters assessed the quantity and quality of(More)
Improvement in patient quality of life is a central goal of renal transplantation. This study examined the hypothesis that change in depression following transplantation would vary as a function of patient coping preferences. Sixty patients were assessed with the Krantz Health Opinion Survey and the Beck Depression Inventory while on the waiting list for a(More)
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