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  • 2006
As was identified in the autonomic nervous system (ANS) analogy key points, an autonomic logistics (AL) approach must know what the optimal state of the system is and what constitutes an actionable deviation from that state. It must also know what to do to remedy that situation. The analysis approach presented will acquire the data to establish the optimal(More)
Advance Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (AMPS) performs an integral role in reducing maintenance turnaround time and increasing system availability. The virtues of well-executed maintenance planning and scheduling are well documented. One reason for implementing the maintenance planning and scheduling process is because it can be an effective method to(More)
Autonomic logistics seeks to automate the data collection function and enable automatic logistics decision-making in direct response to the activities of a system. The dynamic range of system "activity" can impose demand fluctuation on logistics support resources. The goal is to automate sensing of the change in activity far enough in advance to elicit a(More)
The BAE Systems air vehicle fault diagnostics team is extending its static post-flight diagnostics system to include a real-time in-flight diagnostics module. The existing post-flight diagnostics processing (PDP) module is a knowledge-based, rule-driven expert system that interprets the fault log after a flight. The proposed in-flight diagnostics processing(More)
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