S L Deveson

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The recent development of a specific 2-[125I]-iodo-melatonin ligand has led to the identification of 125I-melatonin binding sites in the brains of numerous mammalian species. The present study reports the localization of 125I-melatonin binding sites in the brain of the dairy goat. Six previously untreated female goats, aged 5-7 years, were culled under(More)
This study investigates the ability of a 1 h light pulse of different intensities at night to suppress plasma melatonin in goats. Six female Saanen dairy goats, about 2 yr old, were housed in a light-tight shed. The goats were habituated for 1 wk to an 8L:16D photoperiod (40.70 +/- 4.16 microW/cm2; 137 +/- 14 lux), lights on 0800 h. A 1 h light pulse, of(More)
Goat kids born in spring attain sexual maturity during the first autumn after birth in temperate regions, at about 30 weeks of age. This study observed sexual development in autumn-born kids and the influence of late-summer, prenatal light treatment on onset of puberty. The breeding season of 14 female British Saanen dairy goats was artificially advanced by(More)
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